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When you work with a skilled nursing home abuse law firm, you can expect them to make the experience as easy as possible. Nursing home abuse victims and their loved ones go through such emotional anguish and physical pain at the hands of negligent facilities. Nursing Home Abuse Justice can connect you with an experienced nursing home law firm that will fight to get you the money and justice you deserve.

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How a Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm Can Help

Placing a loved one in a nursing home or other long-term care facility is an agonizing decision. It is devastating when the facility violates the trust of family members by failing to protect residents from neglect and abuse.

Nursing home abuse law firms seek justice for families harmed by negligent facilities and nursing home employees. They will do everything possible to help you access the maximum compensation in the shortest time.

The money you recover from a nursing home abuse lawsuit can be used to get medical care for your loved one. It can also help you move your loved one to a better nursing facility that will provide the level of health care they deserve. Find out if a nursing home abuse law firm can help you today.

Types of Cases Nursing Home Negligence Law Firms Handle

Nursing home abuse law firms handle a wide range of claims related to the mistreatment of people living in care facilities.

Learn more about the different types of cases these firms handle below.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse law firms can help you file legal claims in cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and nursing home neglect.

Wrongful Death

If an older loved one dies due to abuse or neglect, a nursing home law firm might be able to help family members file a wrongful death lawsuit. Nursing home wrongful death lawsuits seek to prove that a facility’s abuse or neglect resulted in a resident’s death. Compensation from a nursing home wrongful death claim can be used for funeral costs and other expenses.

Nursing Home Medical Malpractice

A nursing home law firm will aim to show how medical errors made by nursing home doctors, nurses, or other staff members harmed a resident. One example of medical malpractice includes failure to diagnose or treat bedsores, malnutrition, or other severe medical conditions.

Personal Injury

Nursing home abuse law firms typically file personal injury cases. These types of nursing home abuse lawsuits explain how the older adult was hurt and why a long-term care facility and its staff members may be responsible. A personal injury attorney also helps determine how much compensation to pursue.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

Elder abuse can occur anywhere, whether in a nursing home or long-term care facility. Abusers might be relatives, friends, in-home caregivers, or even strangers.

Nursing home resident holding hands with loved one

Elder abuse law firms can file claims against these perpetrators and help victims of abuse or neglect pay for the medical care they need to heal.

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What to Expect When Filing a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

When you file a nursing home abuse lawsuit, your legal team can do much of the legwork for you.

Get a step-by-step breakdown of the typical nursing home abuse lawsuit process below.

1. Gather Evidence

When you hire a nursing home abuse law firm, they will collect information to start building your case.

This evidence may include:

  • Documents related to the victim’s injuries (such as medical records)
  • Information about what happened (such as witness accounts)
  • When and where the abuse took place
  • Who is believed to be responsible

2. File a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

Once your nursing home attorney has compiled all of the basic information, they can then file the lawsuit on your behalf.

Your attorneys will file your case within your state’s statute of limitations. They will also determine where the lawsuit should be filed. There are many different court systems, ranging from federal to state and local courts.

Steps to Filing a Lawsuit

Filing your lawsuit in the wrong court system could cause delays, dismissals, or reduced compensation. Knowing when and where to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit properly can help a law firm recover the maximum compensation for their client.

3. Request and Exchange Information

During the discovery phase, your nursing home abuse attorneys and the lawyers for the party being sued (defendants) will request and exchange information to build their respective cases.

Your personal injury lawyers will gather evidence to prove why and how the nursing home and its staff committed abuse or neglect. The opposing lawyers will collect evidence that seeks to explain why the defendants should not be held liable.

4. Reach a Nursing Home Abuse Settlement

Both legal teams will try to reach a nursing home abuse settlement to conclude the case once they’ve gathered all the necessary information.

In a settlement, the defendants will agree to pay you a certain sum to avoid going to trial. You can access compensation once both legal teams have agreed upon the settlement amount.

Most nursing home abuse and neglect cases end in a settlement.

5. Go to Trial

Nursing home abuse law firm document review

In rare cases, the parties cannot agree to a settlement. In these situations, the case goes to trial. During a trial, a judge and/or jury hears evidence and arguments presented by each legal team. They then determine if you deserve financial compensation and, if so, how much.

Most lawsuits do not go to trial. Trials can be unpredictable — a victory is not guaranteed for either side. If you lose your case at trial, you may get no compensation, even if improper nursing home care harmed your loved one. If you win, you may receive less than if you had settled your case.

Your nursing home abuse law firm can determine if going to trial is your best option. In most cases, a settlement is a more favorable outcome.

Benefits of Working With Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Nursing home abuse law firms help residents and their loved ones obtain compensation and closure after they have been injured.

Learn about the benefits of nursing home abuse law firms below.

Experience and Professionalism

Nursing home abuse law firms make cases like yours their prime focus. This in-depth experience can give them a sizable advantage over law firms that do not regularly handle nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

Nursing home abuse law firms use what they’ve learned from handling past cases to ensure their clients get the best legal help and most compensation possible.

They will answer any questions from nursing home residents and family members accurately, respectfully, and promptly.

Nursing Home Abuse Compensation

A nursing home abuse law firm’s ultimate goal is to secure compensation for nursing home abuse.

This compensation can be used to cover:

  • Emotional suffering
  • Funeral costs
  • Medical bills
  • Other expenses

Nursing home abuse law firms prepare each lawsuit carefully to stand up to legal challenges and secure as much compensation as possible for each client.

Find out how much nursing home abuse compensation you may be able to access through a successful lawsuit.

Justice and Peace of Mind

Working with a nursing home abuse law firm can help relieve you and your loved ones from some stress. Adjusting to life after nursing home abuse or elder neglect can be trying. Thankfully, working with an experienced nursing home neglect law firm won’t be.

Nursing home law firms do most of the work that comes with filing a lawsuit and recovering compensation for medical treatment. This means the legal process is smoother and less overwhelming than if you were to file the lawsuit on your own.

Additionally, you can get justice by forcing the responsible nursing facility and/or staff to pay for their abuse or neglect.

Qualities of Top Nursing Home Abuse Law Firms

Top nursing home abuse law firms have a track record of success, charge no upfront costs, help people across the country, and foster strong bonds with their clients.

Learn more about what to look for in a nursing home negligence law firm below.

Past Success

It never hurts to ask about a firm’s past results, which can give potential clients a better idea of its overall experience. While there is never a guarantee of future compensation, knowing how much a law firm has secured for other victims can show you what they are capable of.

Nationwide Reach

Top nursing home abuse law firms have offices throughout the country to help clients in each state. This gives firms a broader understanding of elder abuse and any local laws that affect nursing home abuse lawsuits.

Understanding of Statutes of Limitations

State laws limit how long people have to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit. These are known as statutes of limitations, and most states have their limits set at 3 years or less after a serious injury or death.

If you don’t file your case within the statute of limitations, you won’t be able to get any compensation.Top nursing home abuse law firms can help you file before time runs out.

Supportive Attorney-Client Relationship

It’s important to find attorneys who make clients feel comfortable and genuinely care about their well-being. Top nursing home abuse lawyers will treat clients with dignity, respect, and empathy. They are also passionate about fighting for vulnerable nursing home residents who often cannot defend themselves.

Free Case Review

Many nursing home abuse law firms offer a free consultation or case review to potential clients. Free case reviews are not the start of a lawsuit, but they help people understand what legal options may be available.

How Can I Find a Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm Near Me?

Nursing home abuse law firms can help you and your family heal from the harm you’ve suffered by filing a lawsuit on your behalf and pursuing compensation from those responsible.

Nursing home abuse law firms understand the causes and warning signs of abuse, and they work to build strong cases for clients.

While a nursing home abuse law firm can never undo the harm that was done to you or your loved one, they will do everything they can to help you achieve justice.

If you or someone you love experienced nursing home abuse or neglect, don’t wait. Time is limited to file claims. Find a nursing home law firm near you with help from our team — get a free case review now.

Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm FAQs

How can a nursing home abuse law firm help me?

Nursing home abuse law firms can help you pursue justice and compensation. Attorneys at these firms make it easier to file legal claims against abusive or neglectful assisted living facilities.

They will also do everything they can to recover the most compensation in the shortest time frame, alleviating stress for you and your family.

Can you sue a nursing home for neglect?

Yes, in cases of nursing home neglect, many victims can file lawsuits seeking compensation for injuries. Negligence occurs when a nursing home fails to meet a basic standard of care, which can be just as harmful as abuse.

Thankfully, elder neglect attorneys at top law firms know how to handle these cases properly. They can identify common signs of neglect — such as weight loss, pressure sores, and lack of medical care — and help victims take action.

Learn more about suing for nursing home negligence and how a law firm can help.

What is the average settlement for nursing home abuse?

According to the journal Health Affairs, the average nursing home abuse settlement is $406,000. Each lawsuit is different, however, and you could recover more or less depending on the circumstances of your case.

How can I find top nursing home abuse lawyers near me?

You can find a top nursing home abuse law firm by contacting our team. Nursing Home Abuse Justice partners with some of the most experienced and accomplished nursing home abuse law firms in the country.

You deserve justice. Get a free legal case review now.

Nursing Home Abuse Justice Team

Nursing Home Abuse Justice was founded to shine a light on nursing home and elder abuse. Every day, thousands of people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are abused. Our team helps educate seniors and their loved ones on the common causes, signs and preventions of nursing home abuse. We report on real-world studies and current events from respected news outlets to expose this national problem.

Last modified: September 12, 2022

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