Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

Nurse lashes out at older man

The Disturbing Rise in Nursing Home Staff Harassment Against Residents

Nursing home harassment rates are on the rise as staff disrespect elders and share inappropriate photos on social media. Vulnerable nursing home residents deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Although everyone has a right to humane treatment, this right is often violated in nursing homes. Sadly, incidents of harassment, abuse, and neglect in… Read More

Ohio Implements Mandatory Reporting on Elder Abuse

Ohio Implements Mandatory Elder Abuse Reporting

Ohio’s Adult Protective Services has changed their requirements for reporting suspected elder abuse. Several professionals and service people will now hold a legal responsibility to report suspected abuse to protect vulnerable elders from harm. New legislation in Ohio has expanded a list of individuals who are required by law to report suspected elder abuse. Certain… Read More

What to Know About Reporting Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

What to Know About Reporting Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

If you have evidence that someone is facing nursing home abuse or neglect, act immediately. Whether you’re a caregiver, loved one or resident, reporting nursing home abuse quickly protects the victim from further harm. In a nursing home where several people are involved in the care of residents, it’s easy for signs of abuse and… Read More