Stage 4 Bedsore


A stage 4 bedsore is a large wound in which the skin is significantly damaged. Muscle, bone, and tendons may be visible through a hole in the skin, putting the patient at risk of serious infection or even death. A stage 4 bedsore can be a sign of nursing home abuse since it is usually preventable with proper care. Thankfully, those affected may be able to take legal action.

What Is a Stage 4 Bedsore?

A stage 4 bedsore is the most severe type of bedsore. Bedsores, also called pressure sores, decubitus ulcers, or pressure injuries, are described in four stages. Staging is based on how deep the sore is.

Stage 4 bedsores are the deepest. Muscle or bone may become exposed in this stage, putting the patient at risk of serious infection.

If your loved one developed a stage 4 bedsore while living in a long-term care facility, they may be a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. Nursing home staff members know how to properly prevent bedsores or treat them before they become serious.

Fortunately, you can take legal action against the nursing home to get justice and compensation if your loved one has a stage 4 pressure ulcer.

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Last modified: May 16, 2023