Nursing Home Abuse Case Values

Nursing home abuse case values vary based on several factors, but can pay out millions of dollars in some instances. Work with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney to simplify the process and maximize your case’s value.

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Values of Past Nursing Home Cases

If you or a loved one suffered from nursing home abuse, you may be eligible to receive large amounts of money from a legal case.

A recent study found that the average nursing home abuse case value is $406,000. This study accounted for both trial verdicts and out-of-court settlements. That said, other nursing home abuse cases have been worth millions.

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Past nursing home abuse case values have included:

  • $2 million
  • $1.75 million
  • $1.35 million
  • $1.2 million
  • $1.18 million

Roughly $2.3 billion in total is paid to victims of nursing home abuse each year. However, individual values vary greatly depending on the facts in each case.

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Average Awards From Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Nursing home abuse lawsuits award compensation through either a settlement or a trial verdict.

Through a settlement, the nursing home being sued (defendant) agrees to pay the nursing home patient or family members that are suing (plaintiffs) to avoid a trial. In a trial verdict, a judge and/or jury will decide how much money — if any — the victim receives.

Find examples of nursing home abuse case values for settlements and trial verdicts below.

Settlement Values

Nursing home settlements are often confidential and exact award amounts are rarely reported. However, estimates place average settlement amounts between $100,000 and $700,000.

Past nursing home lawsuit settlements included:

$1 million
Wrongful Death from a Bedsore
$1 million
Wrongful Death After a Fall
Fall That Led to Wrongful Death

Lawyers often prefer to settle nursing home abuse lawsuits if possible. Settlements offer a lot of benefits that trials do not.

For example, the plaintiff can receive compensation from a settlement faster than a trial. Compensation is also guaranteed when a plaintiff accepts a settlement offer. There’s no way to know for sure if someone will get more (or any) money from a trial.

One study showed that plaintiffs who turned down settlement offers and went to trial lost an average of $43,000.

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Trial Verdict Values

The amount of compensation awarded from judge or jury verdicts can greatly vary. High award amounts of $1 million or more are not uncommon.

Examples of nursing home abuse trial verdicts include:

$5.5 million
Nursing Home Neglect
$2.2 million
Nursing Home Neglect
$1.2 million
Elder Abuse and Neglect

Although some trials award high amounts of compensation, they can be long and stressful. There is also no guarantee you will win compensation.

For these reasons, personal injury lawyers usually only go to trial if a defendant refuses to settle.

Thankfully, a skilled nursing home abuse attorney can try to negotiate settlements and prepare your case if a trial is needed.

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What Affects Nursing Home Abuse Case Values?

A Nursing Home’s History of Abuse
If the nursing facility has past citations for abuse and negligence, it may possibly add value to your claim.

Average claim amounts vary by state. For example, claims made in Florida and Texas sometimes award higher amounts than the national average.

Medical Needs
Ideally, your attorneys will want to get compensation to cover the medical care costs of any injuries you suffered.

This can include hospital bills and expenses for long-term caregiving services you may need due to the harm done.

Documentation may increase your nursing home abuse case value as it can provide concrete evidence that harm occurred.

Documentation may include medical records, photographs, or videos that show how nursing home staff members abused or neglected a loved one.

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Punitive Damages
Additional nursing home compensation may be awarded to punish the abuser and discourage future wrongdoing. These are known as punitive damages.

Nursing home abuse lawsuits may award more compensation in very severe cases. Attorneys will look at the type of harm done, how long the abuse occurred for, and the injuries that a victim suffered from. They’ll also note if the victim died from abuse or neglect.

Elder abuse lawsuits can be complex and emotionally fraught. Thankfully, a nursing home abuse attorney can simplify the process and reduce stress.

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How to Maximize Your Nursing Home Abuse Case Value

Working with an experienced attorney is the best way to help maximize your nursing home abuse case value.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can:

  • Establish a strong attorney-client relationship with you
  • Gather the needed details and documents to file a strong case
  • Ensure your case is filed within set deadlines
  • Negotiate the best possible settlement offer
  • Take the case to trial if needed

If you decide to work with a lawyer, tell them every detail you can remember. Even things that may seem unimportant can help them build a clearer picture and a stronger case.

If your loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse, get a free case review today. Our team can see how much your case is worth and help you access compensation.

FAQs About Nursing Home Abuse Case Values

How much is a nursing home abuse case worth?

This depends on the unique factors in each case. However, reports of cases awarding millions of dollars are common. Get a better idea of your nursing home abuse case value by connecting with an elder abuse law firm.

Can local and state laws impact my case's value?

Yes. Every state has its own set of laws that prevent cases from being filed after a certain period of time has passed (typically several years). These laws are known as statutes of limitations.

You cannot file a nursing home abuse case after the statute of limitations has passed, and thus your case will have no value.

The statute of limitations for nursing home abuse cases varies from state to state, so it’s important to act quickly. Other jurisdictions and laws can also impact case value as well.

Contact a personal injury lawyer that handles nursing home abuse cases to make sure your lawsuit is filed in time.

How can I get the most money from my nursing home abuse case?

You are highly encouraged to work with a lawyer to get the most out of your case. Skilled nursing home abuse attorneys at national law firms can build a strong case on your behalf and file it within state deadlines.

Your attorneys can negotiate financial settlements on your behalf or take the case to trial if needed.

It might be very hard or even impossible to get compensation without a lawyer’s help since the legal system is so complex.

How much is a bedsore lawsuit worth?

Several nursing home residents who developed severe bedsores won millions of dollars through past lawsuits.

For example, the family of an 87-year old woman secured $1 million from a California assisted living facility. The woman developed a severe bedsore while staying at the facility and later died of complications.

Reach out to a nursing home abuse lawyer to see how much compensation you could receive. For best results, make sure the lawyer you are considering has handled cases related to bedsores in the past.

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Nursing Home Abuse Justice Team

Nursing Home Abuse Justice was founded to shine a light on nursing home and elder abuse. Every day, thousands of people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are abused. Our team helps educate seniors and their loved ones on the common causes, signs and preventions of nursing home abuse. We report on real-world studies and current events from respected news outlets to expose this national problem.

Last modified: November 16, 2023

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