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Nursing Home Employee Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison After Assaulting Resident

Stacy Williamson, the daughter of an 85-year-old woman assaulted at her Ohio nursing home, is asking the public to check on their loved ones in nursing homes daily. This warning comes after her mother, Leona Alexander, was violently assaulted by a nursing home staff member in March 2016.

Alexander was admitted to Westmoreland Place in 2010 after she suffered a stroke that left her almost fully paralyzed. This led Alexander to require 24-hour care as she only has limited use of one hand. After the assault, Alexander was moved to another care home, forcing her to be separated from her sister who remains a resident at Westmoreland Place.

The attack left Alexander bruised and bloodied. What’s worse is the enduring trauma the incident has caused. According to Williamson’s victim impact statement read in court, the incident had caused her and her family tremendous distress.

Following the incident, Alexander was unable to be left alone. She would call for help at all hours of the night as she feared she would be attacked again. This forced family members to remain with Alexander throughout the night for several months. Williamson stressed that she is most upset at the fact that Alexander’s remaining time is now ruined because of this senseless attack.

Thankfully for the victim and her family, they will see justice served. Twenty-year-old Kali Jo Craiglow pleaded guilty to a fourth-degree felony for patient assault. This conviction has earned her a one-year prison sentence.

According to records and statements, during the incident, Craiglow had punched Alexander in the face then thrown a glass of water in her face. Craiglow then threatened that things would get worse for Alexander once she had brought her into the shower. The incident resulted in Alexander having suffered black eyes, torn skin and ripped clothing. There was even blood on the woman’s pillowcase as a result of her injuries.

Craiglow, who has a history of drug abuse, was fired shortly after the assault. Her lawyer, Michael Hess, claims that Craiglow has experienced such a horrible history of drug abuse that it is difficult for her to understand why she committed the assault. In court, Craglow showed remorse for her actions, apologizing to the family and claiming she wished she could take it back. She stated that she has changed and that the person she was during the incident is not who she is now.

For the family, of course, this is of little comfort. Williamson does not believe that Craiglow’s apology is sincere. Williamson feels rather that Craiglow is sorry she is going to prison. Williamson is relieved, however, that Craiglow will be placed behind bars for what she did. Read more on this story.

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Last modified: June 3, 2022